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Third grade summer vacation , I can not find any work , went home , and my seattle seahawks jersey sale brother up the hill close turpentine , that year, his brother the entrance exam . He seemed to grow up overnight , into the mountains to work in silence . Also brought back from school wearing jersey No. 14 .
Aoyama lush . An oasis . Brother's bright yellow jersey on the embellishment, especially dazzling. He walked quietly in front of me , behind the big 14, upset my emotions:
The only part of this youth campus sportswear , who carries many young carefree laughter, since this piece will forever haunt the civilized world with no feelings completely isolated in the mountains .
I silently followed him , straight nose sour .
Brother very skilled, jumping up and down very quickly . I climb a few on the breath, he saw that I was tired, I sat covered with pine needles to accompany the ridge rest.
Seco telephoto .
Distant urban skyscrapers looming a pale concrete wall. Floating over the city hard, dust, secretly guarded .
Side is lush pine forest, waves blowing fresh air tantalizing .
" How beautiful ! " When I read contracted hateful Petty Bourgeoisie , sincerely praise the charm of the forest , handles up there , with the two thumb and forefinger to compose pictures of the action, searching everywhere .
Brother looked at me, suddenly said : "Brother , I give you the money to buy a camera ."
I froze and stared at his brother innocent expression, actually very resolute . Heart to blame their own vanity, said: "The brother also hope you do a further year . These extravagant things, the future will be hard to buy their own brother ."
"I heard that you are not the only camera class student, you learn that the seattle seahawk store journalistic profession in future, as a reporter . No camera how to do ? " His head down , hesitant to answer .
Burst of warm heart attack rumbled over . This is the childhood bully me with a small partner , brother every few days to get into trouble you ?
I looked at him again .
No. 14 jersey worn for three years, or some leniency , he sketched out swinging breeze immature bean sprouts same slender figure , like a lack of moisture Xiaobaiyang , crooked neck stubbornly grow. Heavy manual labor to make his arms was a bit prematurely developed imbalance , because the frequent use of the right arm 's sake, look as if still bulky than the left . Back red with rage , rough and powerful, full of black and red top draw mixed old and new scars .
Around very quiet, talkative cicadas sound chant , pine rocking in the seattle seahawks grey jersey summer sun , pines rustling . Because if overheard two poor brothers and secretly hope for the future .
"You will remember how to send me the camera do ? " I calmed down and asked him.
Brother watching from afar without moving his hand push lightly on the ground soft leaves.
"Because you gave me this shirt , I really like ."
I sent a stall to buy clothes, hidden in the heart brother three years. Even now, this dress has lost its splendid campus and youth belonging to the meaning of time .

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