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No. 14 jersey was worn on his brother who carries seahawks 12th man jersey his brilliant youth, like the morning sun leave out the forest , mottled to sprinkle in the memory .
Bright yellow in color , black dotted line on the shoulder two simple decoration. 1990s European giants Arsenal Football Club uniforms , most loving brother team . Three years of high school , my brother left the impression in my mind has always been a yellow No. 14 jersey.
That year he was the next higher , I just go to college. Time to go home , he saw he was the only class to wear T-shirts playing children, on the province 's food for a month , bought a 14 jersey given to him.
I remember when he was like a shy girl, dark hide his face filled with happiness.
Deep affection for our brothers , but this way of expressing affection but never , one rural children are tactlessness introverted , without any courtesy of communication. Second, there is also no spare cash to buy these luxury clothing. So it might have some unexpected favor to get him a loss .
My university town in the province , a holiday in the city to work , looking for the next semester fee , brother leave home to work are mainly uphill closing turpentine , which is our major source of income , but also my high tuition fees per year source .
Third grade summer vacation , I can not find any work , went home , and my brother up the hill close turpentine , that year, his brother the entrance exam . He seemed to grow up overnight , into the mountains to work in silence . Also brought back from school wearing jersey No. 14 .
Aoyama lush . An oasis . Brother's bright yellow jersey on the embellishment, especially dazzling. He walked quietly in front of me , behind the big 14, upset my emotions:
The only part of this youth campus sportswear , who carries many young carefree laughter, since this piece will forever haunt the civilized world with no feelings completely isolated in the mountains .
I silently followed him , straight nose sour .
Brother very skilled, jumping up and down very quickly . I climb a few on the breath, he saw that I was tired, I sat covered with pine needles to accompany the ridge rest.
Seco telephoto .
Distant urban skyscrapers looming a pale concrete wall. Floating over the city hard, dust, secretly guarded .
Side is lush pine forest, waves blowing fresh air tantalizing .
" How beautiful ! " When I read contracted hateful Petty Bourgeoisie , sincerely praise 12th man jersey the charm of the forest , handles up there , with the two thumb and forefinger to compose pictures of the action, searching everywhere .
Brother looked at me, suddenly said : "Brother , I give you the money to buy a camera ."
Much of it is another name - Aso erg Rana (Azulgrana), because it represents a Barcelona shirt color. In Barcelona, ??people are not talking about orthodox Spanish, but Catalan . In Catalan , Azul (Azul) means blue, Graner (Grana) meaning red , together precisely Barcelona jersey colors.
Why use red and blue team uniforms do the main color , even in Barcelona there are several theories . The first one is : the team one of the organizers , the first captain of FC Barcelona in the formation of Campbell before his team in Switzerland is also red blue two -color jersey . He therefore proposed that Barcelona is also using these two symbolic " calm and passion" color. The second is : at the time of the Barcelona area , between the seahawks fan shop team and the team game, the two teams were tied players are always red and blue belt, used to distinguish the opponent and their own people. There is a saying : one hundred years ago, Barcelona's artisans often uses a red and blue pencil , the team will use these two colors, there is meaning to life .

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seahawks 12th man jersey

seahawks 12th man jersey

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