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After the game, Descartes also specifically found the kids seahawks jersey Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard , he remembers the end of last season's Champions League quarter- finals , he scored that decision to fight to the goal xing back injury , when he was lying on the stretcher, Gerrard came to comfort him, but also threw him a Qiu Yi, expressed his appreciation , he found time Gerrard is also this one to the ball .

????But Descartes certainly would not put Gerrard jersey back to him , he gave Gerrard is his arsenal of the game wearing jersey No. 18 .

????" Steven , you great performance , especially you , are you against me almost dead ." Descartes saw Gerrard expression of some depressed, his face showing a sincere smile.

????Gerrard smile a cry , took his jersey joked that: " unfortunately still not fully Dingsi you, but do not worry, next time we met I will not let you have a chance ."

????Great opponent is always worthy of respect , and Gerald expression although friendly words between the lines will never be down under the wind , of course, Descartes : "Then you have to be careful , the next time we met, I will than today more powerful . "
It was the day after the final examination , final examination in this because I am in excellent results , reaching the goals my father gave me , so the father should also fulfill his promise - that is the first time for me to buy a brand-name shirts, My father was not just wear old clothes , and also buy clothes . So his father wore hot exposure , driving electric cars pulled me into the street .

In the street, I walked looking around , looking forward to brand-name stores , my seattle seahawks kids jersey father told me beside a stream with big big sweat , like dolphin crystal grapes in the sun 's shining bling , I also do this dare to sad. After a child , my father came up with Anta store, when I went to see where the clothes in the light shining appear more brilliant , and my clothes are not comparable . I have a need to find its own set of jerseys , when his father came over, took my hand with both hands shirt , carefully holding , as if afraid of dirty like, and then with his right hand slightly to the clothes touching, soft cloth clothes so he kind of indescribable feeling, so he won with his right hand under the clothing price tags , a nod to see lower striking price - 180 yuan , he looked a little surprised, but he still told me sneered said to me: " Why should this ? " I will firmly replied: "Yes , we should have this one ! " So he turned to sales per side , and I just be standing there, looking at his father hard bargain , and finally I do not know how much money , anyway, he fitted jersey and handed me the bag , then my mood is so happy , my father is also some thankful then we walked out of the Anta stores.
The second body of high school jersey is all white jersey of Italy , is the 29th . Select this number, because love with Inzaghi . This is in answer to someone asked me, " you put forward more than 23 national team 's number ? " When the answer to this question . The real reason is because of a crush on bumban girl , her name was nine plans, huh. "2" it and "love " is a homonym Well ! At that time of puberty can be really puzzling ah , you said so who knows , ah, because she was too good, he was too self-esteem , and have the courage to tell the truth, until slowly out of her own shadow , is still tight-lipped ah !
The third body jerseys Roma Champions Cup jersey , dark red and yellow and white . That time is met through football sibling different classes of a girl , very fond of football. But dealing with her own time in total some " pressure ." Oh, they are before the 20 grades of excellent students , but also " Tsinghua University, Beijing University ," the focus of cultivation , and those of us engage in every day movements like " bully " , it is no wonder " pressure of public opinion ," the. She likes the former German national team striker Jurgen Klinsmann , so I chose that section kids seattle seahawks jersey just launched Roma Champions League shirts, printed on the "SNOW18". As for "SNOW" because her name inside "Snow " is the word , but also because she wrote to me when inscribed are "SNOW18" ...... Our story end with graduation . Wuhan University, on her , and I even help in her efforts only a college line, in the province of a second-rate Normal mix ......

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