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Clothes bag on the bed too deep , there is no option marshawn lynch jersey but to dig into dragged out , where you Almaty rare music suddenly sounded in my waist , this phone is not really loud when I touch effortlessly to waist go under the bed is too short , touched for a long time did not find them , they touched live a thick wood, I am forced to put it aside appropriated , allocated only after the feeling of regret , it is a wooden bed pad . Side of the bed on the potential collapse down, pressure breath, but to me almost angry . I heard his ex grunted , and I heard Allah rare wood where you are persistent ringing. An anger , rushed over the body, I resorted to feeding effort, inspiratory arched , the bed rolled upright , stand up , pulling out the phone , roared toward fat you have finished poured his mother , I am looking for seven jersey. But hey fat habits straight smile , man , ah, do not look for , and find no time. I said angrily , then you hit the landline phone ah , playing what phone ah. He said that I play, you will not receive ah. I said I did not hear how ah. I shoved the thought , just wrestling when telephone line might pull off . He said the line Do not look , do not that a broken jersey ? I heard him say that this broken words , extremely ear , very simply hung up the phone. Aha, I saw the bedplate tied calligraphy shop bought last year from the photograph of painting , looking for a long time, finally found it , think of it, I'll buy it back into hiding , then fear give me fat pilfering . Somewhere on the 7th jersey has helped a lot. The 7th jersey Where are you ah ? I loudly called six times. Think of it, in the bathroom yesterday, I take a bath , it may be placed there .
Fat man in the bedroom and cried , I ask you , ah, how do you not answer ah ? I angrily said , how to find ? This is not your kid away , right ? Fat man came out from the bedroom , holding my painting . I am even more angry , said. You gave me the painting down, go put my shirt brought VII . I spoke feel so trembling , really want to go to instigate his grinning face. Fat but more brilliant smile , and said jokingly , so be it, I'll give you find the one you gave me this picture . I said without hesitation , to the United States, unless you give me a minute to find . Fat man said, Well , do not regret ah. This kid that will not be seen in the bedroom , and I added that in the bedroom is not , ah, now starts. I thought to myself , you have to find our old account with the lynch jersey new account , then it can not blame me ruthless , oh.

???????Allows me to wonder, this kid did not go , came straight at me , said while walking , you see you , in order to find that piece you break shirts, the robbers ransacked the home and turn off wildly . He walked up to me, my hand has been fanned within the effective range of his . I began to luck , to concentrate into the palm . He looked at me and laughed , and turned and walked to the door , to the door to say , the customer probably had entered the lounge , we go. I took the picture , you make me wait so long ah. I was about to rush forward , he said , looking down to see you wearing underwear. I looked down and it turned on my shirt on the 7th - the - body - on . But Descartes certainly would not put Gerrard jersey back to him , he gave Gerrard is his arsenal of the game wearing jersey No. 18 .

????" Steven , you great performance , especially you , are you against me lynch seahawks jersey almost dead ." Descartes saw Gerrard expression of some depressed, his face showing a sincere smile.

????Gerrard smile a cry , took his jersey joked that: " unfortunately still not fully Dingsi you, but do not worry, next time we met I will not let you have a chance ."

????Great opponent is always worthy of respect , and Gerald expression although friendly words between the lines will never be down under the wind , of course, Descartes : "Then you have to be careful , the next time we met, I will than today more powerful . "

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